Your Hometown Stories: Cade Dement



My name is Cade Dement and I am 19 years old.
Cade Dement is new to the kick boxing scene here in the CSRA and the Augusta native has always wanted fight in the octagon.
“I’ve wanted to fight all my life, but it’s something my dad didn’t really want me to get into, he didn’t want me to get hit in the face, I was a girl, so we had a talk about it, I broke him down and he said he’d get me into it and that was that”
THAT would mean long hours of intense training from her father Stevie Dement, a well-known local MMA fighter who runs Dement Brothers Fighting Systems at Evans Fitness Center. Cade trains countless hours and works with gyms from around the US including Karate Mafia, with Donny Aaron and Andrea KGB Lee, Gracie Barra, and Jake and Alex Faglier.
Her average day starts with a 3 to 4 mile morning run, hits the gym, weightlifting, sparring, then lunch, then back to the gym. This sport is literally in her blood.
“It’s been in my whole family, my dad, my dad’s dad, my uncle, I’ve been growing up around it my whole life”
Cade is a quick study, she trained for just 5 months before stepping into the ring for the first time, her opponent was older and more experienced but her father was in her corner.
“and I looked up at her, and it’s my daughter, and her eyes weld up. The gravity of the situation, the gravity of the situation, it’s unbelievable, but she rose to the occasion”
Cade won her first fight by decision and was the happiest she’d ever been.
“The best feeling ever, I was so excited, I remember looking at my dad after the 3rd round and I was like did I win? And he was like I don’t know. My dad was the first I looked at and I won”
So what’s on the horizon for Cade Dement, another fight in April, more hard work and she hopes to be a professional fighter for UFC in the future.
“She has all the tools, she has the want to, you have to have the drive and determination, Cade has that in spades”
In Augusta, for your hometown stories, I’m John Lynn, WJBF News Channel 6

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