Accurate weather forecasts in farmer’s almanacs?

One edition has been scrutinized for the last several months

AUGUSTA, Ga. – All of us have heard of farmer’s almanacs. Many people refer to them for weather conditions, but are they accurate?

Now that the month of February is almost over, we’re taking a look at the accuracy of the Blum’s Farmer’s and Planter’s Almanac for our area.

For the last several months, I’ve been checking the weather conditions in our area against the almanac’s forecast, and it hasn’t turned out too well for the almanac.

Looking at February, the forecasts were either bad, or at best, so-so.

Going back to September — the first month of the current edition’s forecasts — this particular almanac has performed very poorly every month except for a mediocre performance in October.

It also uses vague language, including words like unsettled and changeable skies.

Farmer’s almanacs have a secret method of forecasting — but usually don’t have much to show for it.  In the meantime, you might be better off just sticking with your local meteorologist instead.

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