Funding Requests Divides Commission

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

(AUGUSTA,GA) Animal Services has new policy on the way and some commissioners belie the department needs 20 thousand dollars to educate the public about what’s coming down the pike.

‘Ten months left to basically get the word out about this ordinance what’s entitled in this ordinance we have the media saying different things about the ordinance MS Broady( Department Director)  needs this month to educate the public,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Frantom is pushing a  $20 thousand dollar request for the Animal Services Department but now that request has company.

“They’re mixing apples and oranges and I’m trying to help the department that needs the help,” said Frantom.

Some commissioners support adding   $20 thousand dollar requests to fund four nonprofits.

The Bethlehem Community Center, Meals on Wheels, Shiloh Community Center, and Serenity Mental Health Center.

Supporters say it’s just as important to help people as it is to educate the public about pet policy.

“It’s no more critical to than trying to take care of these individuals that these centers serve,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

How is it fair we’ve got other nonprofits that came to the table in SPLOST that come to the table all the time how are going to give to one and not all,” says Frantom.

“We can’t give every organization 20 thousand but it’s those organizations that are really in need of the assistance,” says Williams.

But adding the nonprofits for funding will impact Animal Services getting its 20 thousand dollar request.

“Can you support the overall package?”

“I’m not going to vote to support it tomorrow the way it’s being presented,” said Frantom.


There is money in the contingency account for animal services and the non-profits.

But the available funds could be shrinking fast.

Tuesday, commissioners are also set to vote on taking over the city’s probation services at a cost of 333-thousand dollars.

That money would also come out of contingency.

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