Laney’s Look: New Celebrities Are Starting To Spring Into The Ballroom

Dancing With The Stars Season 22 graphic
Dancing With The Stars Season 22 graphic

The seasons are changing. We’re pulling out short sleeved shirts and shorts, sundresses and sunglasses, and sandals and flip-flops. What better time to dust off the score

"Dancing With The Stars" Celebrity Contestant Jodie Sweetin
“Dancing With The Stars” Celebrity Contestant Jodie Sweetin

paddles and dancing shoes?

ABC is gearing up for Season 22 of “Dancing With The Stars,” and – like many fans – I’m anxiously awaiting the reveal of the celebrities and pro dancers. I’m different in another way, though. I guess you could say that I’m a “purest”. As countless blogs and entertainment websites/shows predict who will be part of the new season, I like to avoid the rumors and wait for the official announcements to be made.

“Good Morning America” kicked off the cast reveal today by announcing the first celebrity who will be competing. That celebrity is none other than Jodie Sweetin, the middle sister—Stephanie Tanner – on the popular ‘90s sitcom “Full House” and now the show’s reboot on Netflix “Fuller House”. Jodie also revealed that she has been partnered with pro dance Keo Motsepe.

I think Jodie is a great casting choice, and she could possibly stay in the competition for the long haul – making it at least into the finals. If you recall, her onscreen sister Candace Cameron-Bure, competed in Season 18 of the show and finished in third place. With all of the hype currently surrounding the launch of “Fuller House”, this seems like the perfect time for Jodie to join DWTS. I also think she could possibly prove to be a great dancer. From what I have seen of her, she is not as timid as Candace – which is something that the judges frequently complained about in Candace’s performances.

"Dancing With The Stars" Professional Dancer Keo Motsepe
“Dancing With The Stars” Professional Dancer Keo Motsepe

Keo is also a strong partner, although he has not received much opportunity to show his skills as a teacher when paired with Lolo Jones, Charlotte McKinney and Chaka Khan. That could definitely change for him this year with Jodie.

The full cast is set to be revealed Tuesday, March 8 on “Good Morning America”, and the lights will come back on in the ballroom when Season 22 of “Dancing With The Stars” kicks off on Monday, March 21 at 8pm. You can count on me to weigh in with my thoughts all throughout the season, and I’ll be live tweeting every Monday night at Join me in the conversation using #DWTSon6 and #DWTS.

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