Augusta Brewery Finally Ready To Create Crafts

(AUGUSTA,GA)At Brey Sloan’s business things are finally starting to brew.

“I’m so excited to finally be able to make beer it’s been a long process,” she said.

Since October Sloan has been working to get this small craft brewery up and running,

Over coming red tape and regulations to create Riverwatch Brewery the Augusta’s first brewery in 90 years,

“I think it’s great now Augusta will have something else part of the definition of what Augusta is,” she said.

Four different styles of beers to start with 625 gallons a week, Sloan is shooting for March 30th to open the brewery for tours and tastings.

To start the Riverwatch brews will only be sold in bars and restaurants, on tap

The Pizza Joint o Broad Street is making room in its inventory for Riverwatch Brewery beer.

Saying it will be great to finally have an Augusta beer on tap to tout.

Everything up there with the exception of four beers is domestic craft beer to have something that’s right down the road that is truly local I think it’s going to sell like hot cakes,” said Manager Ryan Pressley.

Sloan now will try and give Augusta want it wants its own craft beers that’s a lot of pressure to make sure her ales don’t fail.

.“Yes I’m nervous but excited to, this is what we’ve been working for a preparing for one way or the other we’ll get going and it will be good.

Sloan has a passion for beer making but says its real work she knows she’s small craft brewery and knows she won’t make millions but says she just wants to make great beer.




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