Mom Says Richmond County BOE Not Following Its Bullying Policy

Photo of the playground at Goshen Elementary School in Augusta, Georgia.
Photo of the playground at Goshen Elementary School in Augusta, Georgia.

Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Aiden Shipley is 10-years-old, in 5th grade at Goshen Elementary School and legally blind. His mother, Cami Shuman, says it’s a regular day when he comes home saying he was bullied.

“He’s had another student take his shoes off of his feet and throw them out of the bus and nothing happened,” said Shuman.

Last September, Aiden was allegedly thrown on the ground in a bathroom stall, the door was kicked into one side of his head while the other fell on the toilet. Shuman had to take him to the hospital for stitches.

“Why doesn’t the school do anything? I mean, I feel bad for my kid, but that incident which was honestly the worst doesn’t come as a surprise to me because they don’t do anything about anything else that’s ever done to my son. So, I feel these children just feel, ‘hey, we can do whatever we want to him. One, he can’t even see, maybe he won’t know who it is,'” said Shuman.

Aiden attended Hephzibah Elementary School through the 2nd grade and Shuman says, since he’s been at Goshen Elementary, he’s acted completely different. “He wasn’t scared, he wasn’t intimidated. That’s what this school has done to him. He’s quiet, he’s scared, he’s intimidated. He doesn’t, he just, he wants to sit in class with his hood on his head, like this, all day long. That’s what he does.”

Shuman says, she’s reached out to the principal through emails and has filled out a handful of bullying complaint forms to the school. “I feel she’s only told me what I want to hear and then doesn’t follow through with anything she says she’s going to do.”

We reached out to the Richmond County Board of Education for comment but they said they have addressed Shuman’s concerns each time they’ve been brought to them and that they’ve been in accordance with procedures.

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