“Out There…Somewhere”: Moonshine Maker In Bartow Is The Mayor

Photo of the moonshine on the front window of Midnight Run Distillery "Out There...Somewhere" in Bartow, Georgia.
Photo of the moonshine on the front window of Midnight Run Distillery "Out There...Somewhere" in Bartow, Georgia.

Bartow, GA (WJBF) – It’s not what you would expect in quiet Bartow, Georgia…moonshine on Main Street.

“There were some who didn’t care for it much,” said Bartows mayor, Dwayne Morris.

Sure, maybe in Bartow, West Virginia or Bartow, Florida this would proper, but this is Bartow, Georgia and, you know…what else, it’s the mayor who’s behind the moonshine.

“That’s correct, George, that’s what I do. I’m the mayor of the town and I do have a moonshine distillery,” said Mayor Morris.

It’s a place you can take a shine to the moonshine making mayor behind Midnight Run Distillery.

The shop opened last June, but we got the mayor to sort of say he might have some past experience around a still. “You don’t start building cars on Monday and sell them on Friday, now. You got to sample,” he said.

At Midnight Run, there are three different proofs of ‘shine to sample from 80 proof to 100 proof. You can stop in for a tour or pick up a souvenir.

And notice, the company’s logo has a firefighter theme, that’s because the mayor is also a long-time Augusta firefighter.

He knows about fires, but says his moonshine doesn’t burn. “Naw, it’s pretty smooth, it’s probably the smoothest whiskey you will ever drink of,” Morris said.

Now, Mayor Morris is busy. He has a town to run and fires to fight, but those jobs take a back seat to his first love: making moonshine.

“They say, when moonshining gets in your blood, that’s all you want to do and they were telling the truth. I could stand back there and watch that still run eight days a week. if I had to,” Morris said.

The mayor’s Midnight Run is the toast of this tiny town…”Out There…Somewhere”.

You can find more about Midnight Run Distillery on their Facebook page.

If you have an idea for George to take a look at for one of his “Out There…Somewhere” segments, send him an email.

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