The Mayor’s Masters Reception is Back on and Making History

Here’s some exciting news in the world of golf! The Mayor’s Masters Reception is back on!

Last week, the Mayor’s office said the event was cancelled, because the committee could not find anyone to honor.

The 16 year tradition will continue this year after facing a big setback.

“The Monday tradition to tee up Masters week will continue with the 2016 Masters reception,” Mayor Hardie Davis said.

Mayor Hardie Davis and Masters Reception committee leader Wayne Hawkins announced on Wednesday, the Mayor’s Office and committee will work together to put on the much anticipated event.

Not only will the Reception continue, but it will honor a woman for the first time in history. That woman is Nancy Lopez.

“We all know that in the history of golf the word has an acronym ‘gentleman only ladies forbidden’ not today. In the shadows of international woman’s day, and in the midst of woman’s history month, we can talk about the contributions that woman have made in the history of all sports,” Davis explained.

Davis says it took the community working together to make this event happen.

“Our staff reached out to coach Clint Bryer at Augusta University who had relationships with folks who knew Nancy,” he said.

Hawkins says he’s grateful for the help.

“I’m excited about it. It’s amazing to me what the Mayor’s office has been able to put together in a week, that we’ve actually tried since November to get somebody and we just had no luck,” Hawkins explained.

Just like in past years the reception is paid for by private donations. Davis says there will not be any tax dollars spent on this event.

Just because the event almost didn’t take place this year, doesn’t mean they aren’t looking towards the future!

“I see Jim Dent being an honorary one year, he’s a local Augusta guy,” Hawkins said.

The event will be the Monday of Masters week April 4th at the Augusta common.

A charity for proceeds and the entertainment will be announced at a later date.

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