Local Band’s Equipment Stolen From Practice Location

AUGUSTA — A local rock band is trying to track down their music equipment after some thieves stole the stuff out of their practice location.

The band, False Flag, has been around Augusta since 2009.

When the band showed up at their National Hills practice location Wednesday night they got a surprise.

“Where’s my guitar? Where’s the sound board? Where’s Tony’s entire base rig? It was… It was just gut-wrenching,” Drummer Chris McCarthy said.

Speakers, amps, 6 guitars — all gone. Stolen.

The group estimates the total loss at about $10,000 dollars.

“I had a guitar that I had bought while I was in college in Athens and then my dad and I helped customize it. Put all the little stickers and little stuff on that. And that meant a lot to me,” Guitarist Jared Stepp said.

The band isn’t sure who stole the equipment, but they figure whoever it was knew the gear was inside.

“It had to be somebody who had a key because we have two doors. One was locked when we got here. The front door was locked so it had to be somebody who could lock and unlock it as they came and went,” Lead Singer Terrell Lewis said.

The members are sending pictures and information about the missing equipment to the sheriff’s office. Investigators tell us they are searching pawn shops and websites like Craigslist and eBay.

“Any new item you get, take a couple of pictures even if it’s on your cell phone. Take a picture of the serial number,” McCarthy said.

Despite the band’s loss, they should be able to play at their next gig thanks to the support of fans and musicians on Facebook.

“Thankfully, Augusta’s music scene is just a huge family and so everybody has reached out to us within minutes of us posting that we lost our equipment, and they’re like, hey. If you need anything. If you need to borrow anything, we’ll get it to you,” Stepp said.

If you know anything about this theft, please call the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

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