Longtime Public Servant Gets His Own Tree

Sid Mullis has served Richmond County for 30 years.

A man responsible for making the Garden City green is retiring after 30 years.
Sid Mullis, the Richmond County Extension Agent has had a hand in the Augusta Master Gardeners, Augusta Locally Grown, and many other horticulture groups over the years. Mullis says the Master Gardeners are responsible for 200 thousand dollars worth of volunteer work around Augusta each year. The group planted an iron wood tree in Pendleton King park today in his honor.

“I’ve seen this done for other people over the years and seen trees planted for various reasons,” Mullis says. “But I just can’t tell you what a tremendous honor it is to have a tree planted for me. Trees mean a lot to me that’s one of the things that I deal with a lot, that I care about.”

Mullis gives advice to amateur growers through his radio and newspaper segments. He told us this year the azaleas and other seasonal plants are going to bloom early.

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