New Step To Stop Storm Water Fee

(AUGUSTA,GA) Moses Todd wants to check the storm water fee and right now that effort is in the mail

“We’re not raising money we don’t want your money we want your signature,” said Todd, of the group I love Augusta.

Todd’s group is sending out about 500 packages that contain information cards as well as petitions to gather the almost nine thousand signatures needed to get the storm water fee on the ballot so it can be voted up or down.

“We’re sending out enough petitions to get thirty thousand signatures,” says Todd.

Todd has sent the petition packages to more than 90 Augusta churches, churches can get a big storm water fee bill something many members do not support.

“Because they’re a nonprofit and they do a lot for the community and I don’t think they should be charged,” said Church goer Gail Winkley.

““And if you church puts up the petitions in the sanctuary   or somewhere in the building you would be willing to sign it?”

“Yes,” she said.

Right now about 15 percent of customers are not paying the storm fee but city Engineers don’t think all are potential signers of the petition to get it on the ballot.

“Some of that 15 percent is just things that are trying to be straightened out right now,” says Engineering Department Manager Wes Byne.

So you think the 15 percent is not being paying because they’re opposed?

“Not as far as I’ve seen,” says Byne.

But the way Todd sees it he thinks he will have no trouble getting the needed 9000 signatures.

“I think I can get 50 thousand,” Todd said with a laugh.

But time isn’t on Todd’s side he needs to get the required signatures by the end of June so they can be verified by the probate court in time for storm water fee on the ballot this November.

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