So What Are You Listening To


Beautiful day on the Green Way and those on the trail are usually traveling with tunes.

Most of the time I’m listening to music while I’m riding,” said Kent Sullivan.

He’s not alone many do have the ear buds in, and that can make some folks kind of curious.

When you’re out there and see other people do you ever look at them and think what are you listening to absolutely all the time,” said Stacy Butler.

“Have you ever wanted somebody to stop and what you’re listening to you?”

“Sure I like my music,” said Sullivan.

So would people out  on the Greenway enjoying this beautiful day really want to share what they’re listening to let’s stop them and ask

She hates me by Puddle of Mudd, said Clarissa Nail.

“That’s a great one,”

“I’m listening to I’m Not Over by Carolina Liar, said Alex Reinhardt.

“Never heard of it,

“All my Hugs Kisses and Wishes something like that,” said Butler referring to a Kenny Chesney song.

“Oh God I don’t want to say it,”   I don’t want to say it,” said Allison Clark,

“Say it”

“Brittany Spears Toxic,” she said sheepishly

“You’re right you didn’t want to say it you’re kidding Oh my goodness.

What a waste of ear phones when you could be listening to what was that band called again

“Puddle of Mudd,” said Nail

“Puddle of Mudd,” I repeated.

Do you know the band Puddle of Mudd would you listen to them?

“No way dude,” said Reinhardt.

What are you listening too,” Clark asked.

Running back to Saskatoon by the Guess Who, have you heard of the Guess Who,” I asked.

I’ve heard of Guess Who but I think it’s somebody my father would listen to.

“He’s a wise man,” I said.

And when you out it’s wise to listen to music and don’t be afraid to share.

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