Golden Apple: Qwen Taylor

Golden Apple Winner Qwen Taylor

(Thomson, GA)

Ahh the sweet sounds of learning.
Okay maybe these sounds are not so sweet, but that’s the point.  Bad singing can lead to good grades.

“It’s a way to get the kids to really understand the concepts,” Taynor says. “I feel like if I get on their nerves, they’ll understand it. In order for me to stop singing, they have to get the problem right.”
Qwen Taylor teaches math support to her Thomson-McDuffie middle schoolers. They grasp the concepts, and then they help others improve.
“I see that when they go into their regular class with their other math teacher, they are peer tutorers in the classroom.”
And by the time they get out of here, their math skills are sharp for high school.
“It’s overwhelming sometimes to see some of them  because I’ve had some of them since 6th grade. To notice that they have made tremendous growth from 6th grade up to 8th grade, I just love it.”
Qwen Taylor singing her way to success
at Thomson-McDuffie   Middle School.
“This is not a job to me,” she says.
“This is not a career to me. It’s just happiness. I just love, love, love being a teacher.”

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