Mayor Breaks Tie For Solar Panels

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

(AUGUSTA,GA)For the first time Augusta leaders are going to use a city building to capture solar energy for some a step in the right direction.

“For this government to come into the 21st century and we get to use solar energy so most certainly I’m in favor of that one,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan.

The budget for the renovations doesn’t include money to put in the solar panels. So to make it happen the city will have to go into sales tax contingency to find the funds, the commission capped the expense at 50 thousand dollars.

“I don’t like that I like to know what something is going to costs  it’s just like doing business unless you know the people dealt  with them before you just don’t tell somebody to come do something,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Grady Smith.

The Augusta Facilities Department look into the costs and benefits of putting the solar panels on the old library, telling commissioners putting into the panels would not allow Augusta to unplug from the power company and other options maybe better.

“If you had some systems you wanted to power in the building with a limited amount of solar panels you could put on it you could do it on this building but you got to realize you’re going to be limited to what you can produce from solar,” said Deputy Director Lonnie Wimberley

But supporters say it wasn’t about costs or powering the entire building it was showing the citizens that city leaders are ready to embrace renewable energies.

Something Commissioner Sean Frantom yesterday called a PR stunt with taxpayer’s money.

“I get this push back  about I don’t know enough about it it’s too complicated or it’s a PR stunt now that upsets me I don’t like that at all,” says Commissioner Bill Lockett

But a majority of the commissioners were not sold on going solar at the new Public Defender’s office the vote in favor deadlocked five to five allowing Mayor Davis to break the tie, he said he was going to do the right thing and voted in favor of installing the solar panels

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