WJBF Investigates: Augusta National Buying More Washington Road Property?

AUGUSTA — Whether it’s construction or new businesses, Washington Road keeps changing.

“It looks good though. I think it will look good when the tournament comes and I’m sure the point is to make the area look good. So I think when it’s done it’s going to be great, but it’s a little troublesome at times now,” Kelly Blount said.

There have been reports that Augusta National Golf Club is looking to change the major roadway even more by purchasing all the property from old Berckmans Road to the new Berckmans.

“Oh. Wow. I didn’t know that. I guess that would be more convenient for the Masters people if that’s going to be parking. I guess that will help us too because we’ll still have our businesses over here and won’t have to deal with the parking over there,” Kiesha Maharha said.

Augusta National already owns a lot of property along Washington Road.

There are several vacant lots being used for parking.

National Hills Tire is now owned by the Golf Club.

The Jiffy Lube is owned by Augusta National too. The oil change center will move to another location on Washington Road.

Then there’s the TGI Fridays that was purchased by the National as well.

“I think that’s going to affect the small businesses around here. I think those people need to keep doing their business,” Lukmon Onigbanjo said.

On the new Berckmans Road, most of the property is owned by Augusta National Golf Club.

However, there are still two homes left. The homeowners have not sold to Augusta National just yet.

Back on Washington Road, Jay’s Music, Pep Boys, Olive Garden, Wendy’s and Walgreens are still owned by their companies.

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