“Out There…Somewhere”: Celebrating Sports, The Tie That Binds Small Towns

Photo of sports photos on display "Out There...Somewhere" at East Georgia State College.
Photo of sports photos on display "Out There...Somewhere" at East Georgia State College.

Swainsboro,GA (WJBF) – When it comes to sports, the game is on in Swainsboro,Georgia.

“On the football field, on Friday night; on the baseball field, soccer and golf…you name it and we pretty much got it covered around here,” said Angie Williams, at East Georgia State College.

And, the sports of Swainsboro and Emanuel County are being covered by the traveling exhibit called Georgia’s Hometown Teams.

The driving force behind this is the famous Smithsonian Institute, the museum brought 20 trunks of displays as part of the show, but the Smithsonian stuff is a backdrop. The local Emanuel County items are the stars.

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“Communities got some amazing stuff, they got this great wealth of resources. Our goal is to show them something from the Smithsonian, but to allow them to show what’s really important,” said Robbie Davis, of the Smithsonian.

So, what’s here? There’s the Olympic torch that made its way through Emanuel County 20 years ago, some great old high school football stuff, East Georgia State’s basketball honors. You can’t talk Swainsboro sports without mentioning racing. There’s a ’64 Comet that ran on the raceway more than 50 years ago.You have golf hats from a pair of players on the pro tour with county ties and a signed jersey from Hershel Walker, but he’s from Johnson County, not Emanuel County…

“Johnson County always played ECI and Swainsboro, so we have that connection,” said Williams.

So, Hershel Walker played some games in Emanuel County, and knowing Hershel Walker, he probably did pretty well.

“Probably won, too, didn’t he?” we asked Williams. “Most definitely, most definitely,” she answered.

Celebrating the community bonding benefits of sports in Swainsboro…the race is on.

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