New Holland Fire Department Celebrates Their New Permanent Headquarters

Building and equipment losses prompts New Holland Volunteer Fire Dept. to eye school property.

The New Holland Fire Department is celebrating the first day in their new headquarters.

We’ve been following this story from the very beginning when the fire department was forced to move out of their headquarters in October after the historic South Carolina flooding.

This week they finally were able to make their temporary home a permanent one.
“This is where we needed to be,” Fire Chief Dennis Jackson said about his new station.

The abandoned office building once owned by the Aiken County Public School District is now the new home to 23 volunteer firefighters. It’s off exit 33 on Interstate 20.

New Holland Fire Chief Dennis Jackson has been fighting to gain ownership of this piece of property for months.

“We’ve been to technically 4 board meetings, I’ve made a bunch of phone calls I’m sure a bunch of people on the school board and in the school system are tired of me calling them,” Jackson explained.

In October their headquarters were destroyed by the flood, but looking back on it Jackson calls it a blessing in disguise.

“We’re 2.4 miles from the interstate that makes a big difference, it also takes some people that have not been in the 5 mile radius and puts them in that 5 miles,” he said.

Jackson explained how the 5 mile radius makes a big difference with homeowner’s insurance.

He also plans to make this building into a training facility for future firefighters.

“I used to do a little CPR first aid training in the community for people around the community that need it we’re going to get back to do doing that,” he said.

The empty rooms and white walls you see now won’t be around for much longer, because Jackson plans to get right to work.

“I’ve been fighting fire for 26 years and this is probably going to be one of the nicest stations I’ve been in I was with Wagener when we built the station in Wagener this will be state of the art when we get done,” Jackson explained.

He hopes to be completely refurnished in April.

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