Good Morning Augusta Headlines for Saturday, March 19th

If you live near Fort Gordon- listen up, The post has scheduled live fire training today. The United Way of the CSRA is hosting a Charity Basketball Tournament today. The Hip Hop Bunny Drop kicks off at the Kroc Center today.
If you live near Fort Gordon- listen up, The post has scheduled live fire training today. The United Way of the CSRA is hosting a Charity Basketball Tournament today. The Hip Hop Bunny Drop kicks off at the Kroc Center today.

New this morning on Good Morning Augusta.
A man is dead after a crash in Edgefield County, South Carolina. The coroner confirms ‘Harmon Young’ died at an Augusta Hospital yesterday. Investigators say the 38-year-old was driving a stolen mustang near Trenton on Thursday–when he veered off and hit a tree.
Young was placed on life support before his death… a toxicology report is pending.

An officer and a suspect are dead after a shooting in Greenville, South Carolina.
It happened around 12-30 yesterday afternoon.
Police say officer allen jacobs was shot when he and other officers approached, Deontea Mackey.
Investigators say mackey ran and shot at police, hitting officer jacobs several times.
Officer Jacobs gun was still in his holster. The suspect, later turned the gun on himself. The officer died at the hospital.

Aiken County deputies are still investigating a murder-suicide this morning. The coroner confirms two people, identified as William Bodie and Wendy Bogard were found dead at a home on holley pond road yesterday. He says Bodie shot and killed the 56-year-old woman before turning the gun on himself. Investigators say the two were a couple, but the man was recently evicted by court order.
Captain Eric Abdullah, Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, “the caller was telling us about this address 231 Holly Pond Road that there was a person they was on the phone with stated that someone was deceased and they was planning on harming themselves.” An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

First responders from New Holland Fire Department were on the crime scene in just minutes—from their new location.
We’ve been following the departments move, since the crew was forced out of their building because of flooding back in October.
News Channel 6’s Margaret Ann Carter takes a look inside their new home.

Chief Dennis Jackson, “this is where we needed to be.”
This abandoned office building once owned by the aiken county public school district is now the new home to 23 volunteer firefighters.
New Holland Fire Chief Dennis Jackson has been fighting to gain ownership of this piece of property for months, “has it been a challenging process to get this place?”
“oh absolutely we’ve been to technically 4 board meetings i’ve made a bunch of phone calls i’m sure a bunch of people on the school board and in the school system are tired of me calling them.”
In October their station was destroyed by the flood, but looking back on it jackson calls it a blessing in disguise.
“we’re 2.4 miles from the interstate that makes a big difference it also takes some people that have not been in the 5 mile radius and puts them in that 5 miles.”
Which makes a big difference with homeowner’s insurance.
He also plans to make this building into a training facility for future firefighters, “I used to do a little CPR first aid training in the community for people around the community that need it we’re going to get back to do doing that”, but these empty rooms and white walls won’t be around for much longer, because jackson plans to get right to work.
“I’ve been fighting fire for 26 years and this is probably going to be one of the nicest stations I’ve been in I was with Wagener when we built the station in wagner this will be state of the art when we get done.”

The officers involved in a deadly shooting in aiken will not face criminal charges. Last November, Aiken County deputies responded to a domestic dispute on Pine Drive.
The deputies left but were called back three more times.
The last incident is when they shot and killed Brian Gavin, when he refused to drop a gun, pointed at his wife. Now the sheriff says he’s pushing for body cams to help provide more evidence and protection for officers and the public.
wife: “i want to see my husband. you just kicked my door in and shot my husband.”
officer: “because you were screaming, ‘he was attacking me.”
“yeah he was attacking me…he shot the gun off 3 times.”
officer: “and he was threatening himself.”
“I understand and threatening us.”
a sled investigation found the officers innocent this week.

The two murders in Augusta this week are alarming to the sheriff’s office. Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree says in both cases, everyone involved brought handguns to the confrontation and he says that’s rare.
When it comes to crimes of passion and domestic violence, not much can be done to prevent a murder, but when you talk about these random violent crimes, Sheriff Richard Roundtree says the problem is the culture…..and thinking it’s okay to carry a handgun as a statement.
Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree, “we just had a robbery of a food delivery person a couple of days ago. these were two teenagers who had a gun who just robbed a person who had less than $20 on them.”
the sheriff says his deputies are seizing illegal guns everyday, but it’s difficult to find them all.

Switching gears to ladies giving back in the CSRA. Women in Philanthropy handed out more than $130-thousand dollars to local non-profits this week.
Safe Homes, The Salvation Army, and The Center for New Beginnings are just a few of the groups who received those awards.
Women in Philanthropy supports non-profits that provide services for women and children.
The chairman of the grants committee says together, their donations make a big impact in the community.
Betty Pond with Women in Philanthropy, “we’ve discovered that pooling our money together makes a big difference in what we can give. like we gave 133 thousand dollars today that’s tremendous, individually we couldn’t do that.”
friday marked the group’s 8th annual spring meeting and grants awards luncheon.

You can support a new downtown Augusta venue. The Historic Miller Theatre is set to open in the fall of 2017 as the home of Symophony Orchestra Aaugusta.
Now, some downtown restaurants are supporting the fundraising efforts by participating in “dinner for the miller”– this Tuesday night, March 22nd.
The Bee’s Knees, Farmhaus Burgers, Sole Aaugusta, Mellow Mushroom and Hive Growler Bar- are donating a portion of their dinner checks to the campaign. Fat Man’s Café will do the same during lunch.

If you live near Fort Gordon- listen up. The post has scheduled live fire training today.
From 7:00 this morning and until about 5:00 in the afternoon.
So if you hear loud booms or bangs, don’t be alarmed, it’s all part of the training.

The United Way of the CSRA is hosting a Charity Basketball Tournament today.
It’s the fourth year for the games.
The game starts at 9 a.m. and lasts until 3 in the afternoon.
It’s at the Wilson Family Y on Wheeler Road and the cost is 5 dollars to enter. come out and support local charities and enjoy some friendly competition between WJBF News Channel 6, Beasley Broadcasting, The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and more.

The Hip Hop Bunny Drop kicks off at the Kroc Center today. Family and friends are invited to celebrate easter with games, crafts and an egg hunt. It is from 10:00 until 1:00 at the center on Broad street. Plastic egg donations are encouraged.

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