Drone Regulations Getting Off The Ground For Augusta

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

(AUGUSTA,GA) City leaders now believe permanent restrictions on the use of drones over heavily populated areas or events of 100 or more people will fly in Augusta.

“We’re going to do everything we can to make the people safe we concerned about public safety  we also want to leave it open for those who want to do recreational flying of drone,” says Commissioner Bill Lockett.

The reworked rules do not limit commercial use of drones, professional aerial photographer Justin Sellers says if city leaders do not approve the new regulations next week his drones will be grounded Masters Week under current guidelines.

“The ordinance that’s in place right now is something that needs to be repealed it needs to be repealed quickly and this puts us on a path to be able to accomplish that,” says the CEO of Sellers Imaging.

Hobby Town USA sells remote controlled vehicles of all shapes and sizes, the manager says if Augusta city leaders are talking about regulating drones they should first talk to those in the area who are selling them.

You would think if they really wanted to get to what the deal is they would talk to somebody who has some firsthand knowledge of things,” says Store Manager Dave Connar.

But Commissioner Bill Lockett says the time is over for talking about drone regulations the city will finally act.

“It will pass on March 30th and we waive the first reading so the end of the day March 30th we will have an approved drone ordinance,” says Lockett.

The proposed regulations ban the use of drones taking pictures of private property or the property owner except in certain cases like natural or manmade disasters or during lifesaving efforts.

As Commissioner Lockett stated commissioners will vote on the ordinance next week members we talked to tonight expect it to be approved.

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