Locals Mourn the loss of Those Killed in the Brussels Terrorist Attack

Smoke is seen at Brussels airport in Brussels, Belgium, after explosions were heard Tuesday, March 22, 2016. (Daniela Schwarzer via AP)

ISIS is claiming responsibility for the bombings that killed 30 people in Brussels on Tuesday.

The tragedy is such a devastating time for so many, including people in the CSRA.

News channel 6’s Margaret-Ann Carter spoke with a man who grew up in Belgium.

For Rudolph Lucas his morning started with a nightmare.

After waking up to the devastating news that his hometown had fallen under attack, he then quickly realized his son was scheduled to fly out of Brussels today.

“So my youngest son today was supposed to fly to Berlin, he was on his way to the airport when this happened. So I was obviously very worried,” Lucas said.

It’s a sobering thought to think the minutes it took to drive to the airport could be the reason his son is alive and unharmed.

He was thankful when his son called him after hearing the news.

Augusta University professor, Rudolph Lucas says after finding out his family was okay, the anger set in.

“What I can tell you is that everybody who came to Belgium to fight always lost and I’m pretty sure this will happen again… and that’s actually a good take home lesson for those monsters who did things like that,” he explained.

Lucas refers to the people who committed this act as monsters.

“Killing so many innocent people who have nothing to do with their ideology, I think is really a very, this is just cowards, and they don’t deserve any humane treatment if you ask me,” Lucas said.

He describes Belgium as a tolerant place, where people are accepting of others, which unfortunately makes it a target.

“Any tourists going to Belgium will see that I mean we are very open to other cultures and interested in other cultures.”

Lucas says Belgium’s tradition is to mourn for three days, but that doesn’t mean his country won’t fight back.

“A lot of people are obviously quite angry today too and require some actions so this is completely unacceptable and actually knowing the Belgium something will happen I’m pretty sure,” Lucas concluded.

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