Mentors Uplift CSRA Youth, Work To Avoid Negative Path

Students get mentorship to stay on right track.

Augusta, GA – Several mentoring groups came forward to talk about how they help kids in need following a large fight involving many teenagers.  This comes just days after 18-year-old Demajhay Bell died after being stabbed Friday in South Augusta during a fight between as many as 50 people.

Students in need of guidance more than likely will not seek help.  But, local mentoring groups we spoke with want parents and school leaders to know they are there to direct the CSRA’s youth towards the right path.

Challenging the way you think. That’s how Say No To Average, Inc. mentors students in the CSRA.

“We facilitate different events where we come in and empower the kids trying to bring that inner gift out of them,” said Founder Colby Harris.

Harris said most of his events are at Butler High School. There, he teaches kids how to fight through adversity and motivates them to be successful. That advice, he feels,aids in them doing the right thing. But not every kid is begging for help.

“We come into the school and we get them as a group. From there, we start to single out different kids who are dealing with different type of challenges and we work with those kids hand in hand,” Harris said.

These “hoopers” receive mentorship on and off the court through the game of basketball.  That’s how Augusta Power Foundation, Inc. Executive Director Gregory Williams describes his group.

“They have a passion, an aspiration of playing basketball at the collegiate level and once they get to the collegiate level obviously trying to obtain a college degree is our main focus,” he said.

Williams runs an AAU Basketball program called Team Power where he takes kids as young as five and teaches them not just how to ball, but vision.

“Keep on reminding them everyday that they slip off the path. Hey, you gotta get back on the path if this is what you trying to do then you gotta do wants right. We gotta go to class, we gotta be respectful to people because karma is something else,” he said.

The students also see themselves in the future with mentors working careers they too can do one day.

To contact Say No To Average via Facebook click here.

To learn about Team Power Basketball click here.


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