Golden Apple: Tricia Socky

Mrs. Socky is an outstanding teacher at Warren Road Elementary School.

Welcome to Tricia Socky’s 5th grade classroom. A home away from home for everyone in here.

“I spend a lot of time with them,” Socky says. “I’ve actually taught some of them for 2 years. I’m very fortunate in that. They are my kids when I’m not at home.”
A great group of kids–getting set for middle school in a few months.
“We work really hard every day. They give 110-percent, so I think they’re ready.”
Today they’rei getting tested on the latest Language Arts lessons.
“We’re talking about how characters interact with each other, based on character traits, their feelings, thoughts, and interactions.  They have to answer the question, cite multiple places from the story, then explain why their answer is correct.”

Congratulations Tricia Socky–fulfulling a lifelong dream and making life a lot better for her students at Warren Road Elementary School.

“I’ve actually wanted to be a teacher since I was in third grade,” she says. ” I had an insightful, wonderful 3rd grade teacher. Because of the support of my family, I’m able to give to these children what I need to be able to do for them.”

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