Richmond County Community Members say they’re Sick of the Violence

Community members gathered at the ‘Poppin stop’ on Windsor Spring road to talk about how they can put a stop to the violence.

Annetta Mills is best known for her efforts in trying to end gang violence.

She started SOS Saving Our Students in 2011 after her nephew was shot and killed by a gang member.

But she’s clearly not the only one who has lot someone to senseless violence in the CSRA, and that’s why so many people are ready to stand up and put a stop to it.

A disturbing video is circulating the internet catching the attention of people all across the CSRA. If you’ve seen the video then you know it ends in the death of Demajhay Bell.

This video is forcing Richmond county leaders, and community members to admit there is a problem with violence in this community.

“I think this needs to be important to everybody this is our future here, these are our children, and it was tragic what happened, so we should’ve had more people here than what we had today,” Lt. Ramone Lamkin said.

This is why Lt. Ramone Lamkin with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, and others are making it their mission to put an end to these senseless killings.

“I am going to say it, we need to tighten up, I don’t know what else to say, us as educators need to tighten up, us as a community, us as parents, we need to tighten up for our students,” Annetta Mills said.

Mills says it starts with the parents, but the challenge is finding a way to get to the parents.

“A lot of times our students don’t care because they’re parents don’t care,” 19 year old Rudolph Brown said.

This group of people is making a plea to everyone in Richmond County to be proactive rather than reactive, and risk losing another life to violence.

“I challenge the community to get off the sidelines don’t let this you know be a standard we have to stop this,” Lamkin said.

Mills says she needs the parents to realize this is serious, “parents I plea with you please if you need help, help is out here.”

Before the meeting ended, the group set a date to hold an event with kids and adults in the community.

That event will be April 2nd. From 4pm to 7pm at the Poppin Stop on Windsor Spring Road. They are inviting anyone and everyone out there.

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