Your Hometown Stories: Dynazsa Robinson


This is Dynazsa Robinson, a standout basketball player from Curtis Baptist high school in Augusta.

Dynazsa  is a 2 time all region player, 2 time all region MVP, 2 time region champ, 2 time state all star player, 2 time all-tournament team Thanksgiving Classic winner, and the Augusta chronicle has just named her player of the year. Dynazsa also plays softball, runs track, and is a cheerleader for Curtis Baptist but it’s off the field and court where Dynazsa really shines.

Dynazsa has a 3.8 GPA, is vice president of student council, was just voted in as historian of student council for the South Carolina independent school association governing body and she is the first African American female from Georgia to hold this position.

“Mrs. McKie was like you’ll be great for that position as a historian. She really pushes me to do it because they were like you need to try new stuff.”

Dynazsa works hard both in school and sports and is always looking for a challenge

“Dynazsa was one that stood out immediately. She is extremely detailed in everything she does. She’s one of the most well manured kids I have ever taught. She has parents that are extremely invested in her.”

Robinson’s parents play a big role in her school work and sports and want her to dream big.

“The determination to be the best, she really has a lot of drive to be great at whatever she participates in. she really pushes herself really hard”

The support from her family and teachers proves that with hard work, great things come.

“She tells me that a lot like she pushes me more than I push myself sometimes and she basically tells me you have something special and she tells me that I can be something. The sky’s the limit for my future”

With the many talents Dynazsa has, she is still a teenage girl, a sophomore in high school, but, believe it or not, she has no facebook, Instagram, or even snapchat.

“I don’t have anything against it but it’s just a huge distraction, I don’t think it helps your education or anything else. It’s just social behavior and there’s a lot of dangerous things on facebook and the internet and I don’t want her involved with that”

Dynazsa Robinson is an extremely talented, well rounded young lady who hopes to play basketball at USC and study pharmacy. Whatever else Dynazsa decides to do, she will of course, give a 110 percent.

For your hometown stories, I’m John Lynn, WJBF, News Channel 6

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