Golden Apple: Sarah White

Sarah White teaches AP Calculus.

For many of us, understanding AP Calculus may sound like a tough task. But to Sara White, it sounds like another day at the office.
“I love math,” White says. “It works a different part of my brain. I like solving puzzles and trying to figure out things that I didn’t already know.”
Mrs. White helps these bright young minds at Augusta Christian get set for the AP exam, and then college. They are hard at work in the Hard Math cafe.
A lot of the people that are creating solutions to the problems in the world whether it’s civil engineers, or mechanical engineers, or even chemical engineers use calculus.”
And Mrs. White leans on her faith to help her class make the most of each lesson.
“One of the best things we do is pray before class. We ask The Lord to give us some wisdom and understanding before we even try to understand it. I tend to develop relationships with my students and a lot of what I see as an opportunity to share my faith, is in the personal relationships.”
Congratulations Sara White–letting a higher power guide her high schoolers to success in all they do.
“One of the best things parents can do is encourage their students,” she says. “A lot of negativity is surrounding math and studying math and learning math. So, anything you can do to encourage your students, is the best because it gives them a positive outlook on Math.”

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