Salvation Army General Tours Kroc Center

Salvation Army General Andre Cox tours Augusta's Kroc Center

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Salvation Army General Andre Cox took time out of his day, Thursday, to visit the Kroc Center in downtown Augusta. It’s the first Kroc Center he’s visited on U.S. soil. General Cox had a look of awe as he walked into the Augusta Kroc Center.

General Cox is the leader of the 1.5 million world-wide church of The Salvation Army located in London, England. “I’m very humbled as I travel around the world to see the many programs that The Salvation Army does around the world.” That includes Augusta. Cox marveled at pictures and visited the rooms that make up the Kroc Center.

General Cox summed up the center in two words. “This is mind blowing. I’ve seen many army programs and spectacular programs but there are very few things that can equal the Kroc Centers that have been built right now across the states. It’s a wonderful legacy. It’s a legacy that will live on for a long time.”

General Cox says The Kroc Center is much more than a building. It’s place for assistance, community programs as well as a place to serve. “When I look at a community such as here, Augusta, to see the impact of this place, the number of people coming in every day, it’s just great to see the kids coming in, learning how to swim, people coming in to use the gym.”

The Salvation Army provides assistance to victims during times of crisis and natural disasters. “One of the strengths I think is we don’t just go in and do something and when the cameras leave, we leave. We’re actually in the communities where these disasters happen. So we are an integral part of that community.”

The Salvation Army plays an integral part of the community like the Kroc Center does for so many people in our area. General Cox was be the keynote speaker Thursday night at the “Doing the Most Good” Annual Dinner.

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