Chihuahua on the run!

Source: California Highway Patrol - San Francisco

A speedy, runaway Chihuahua led California Highway Patrol officers on a chase across San Francisco’s Bay Bridge.

The Chihuahua was first spotted early Sunday morning running in the bridge’s eastbound lanes. The black Chihuahua kept officers in hot pursuit trying to catch him.

“It took a while, I mean he was fast, he was running. We set up several road blocks, but he just ran right around them,” said California Highway Patrol Officer Vu Williams, according to local ABC station KGO-TV. “Eventually, we were able to box him in.”

“I used my jacket to distract him and the motor officer came up and took him into custody,” Williams said.

The captured dog was taken to a San Francisco animal shelter, where staff named the pooch Ponch, after Erik Estrada’s character in the TV series “CHiPs.” The shelter is waiting for the dog’s owner to come forward.

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