Giving Your Best: Ralph Starling

Ralph Starling is our April '16 Giving Your Best winner.

Thomson, GA–     It is the first Monday of the month and that means it’s time to honor an outstanding volunteer with the Giving Your Best award.

And guess what? If you’re coming to the course this week, you’ll find him on hole 2!!  Ralph Starling has worked at the Masters for 19 years, but we caught up with him the day after he -retired- from his real job, at Queensborough Bank in Thomson

Ralph wears a lot of hats, from fundraiser, to prayer partner, to W-T-H-O radio host.  Every week he hosts the purely-positive “Wonderful World Show” and – along with John Barnett– “Sports Talk with Coach and Ralph.”


4 syllables… phe-nom-e-nal…  that pretty much sum up a man who has impacted countless lives in his 47-years as a banker.

“It’s all about relationships. Boone Knox, who hired me many, many years ago- we based everything we did on being fair to our customers, fair to our employees, and made sure we made a profit the right way for out stockholders.”

“I’ve seen the good and the bad… Ralph is all good.”

Al Reeves spent 25 years in law enforcement. He nominated Ralph for the Giving Your Best award.

“He does so much for this community! Anytime there’s a fundraiser that needs to be done, for a sick child or whatever, Ralph’s there. He’s in the forefront and he does so much through his church.”

“God’s blessed me and I’m doing the things that I do because of what I did. I enjoy telling my story.”

Ralph has been sober for 30 years.

“I do a drug and alcohol program for 12 years at my church in Thomson.The 12-Step program is a good way to live your life”

Principles Ralph lives by: “I really do, I’ve got a great passion to do what I want to do, I love it. I thank God every morning when my feet hit the floor.”

And he gives back, with joy… like the time he helped an elderly couple who had been evicted.

“Ralph got a bunch of us together and we were able to donate some money and get them through the Christmas season and have got them permanent housing now – and it it was not for Ralph, they would have been homeless during the Christmas season.”

“The Bible’s our road map for living, that’s how we live. If we do it, life’s easy.”

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