Jason Day, Tom Watson and more Masters Monday Stories at 6pm

Masters Monday stories.

Augusta, GA— Some big names are expected to do well at this year’s Masters. But to predict who might win, all you have to do is look at past winners.

News Channel 6’s Jennie Montgomery is live at Augusta National Golf Club.

Jennie, the numbers tell the story.

Brad, they do! The number one ranked player in the world is certainly one of the favorites at this year’s Masters. But when it comes to winning, the odds may -not- be in Jason Day’s favor.

News Channel 6’s George Eskola explains why.

One of the fan favorites this year is Jason Day- he’s as hot as any one coming into the Masters. And while Jason Day is a popular pick, the Masters odds are better for someone like defending champion, Jordon Spieth.

Because when it comes to Masters Champions, 60% of the time, the green jacket goes to a repeat winner.

We asked repeat champion Gary Player why he thinks that’s the case– he says it’s talent.

“Why do people repeatedly win here it’s talent it’s ability it’s talent it’s hard work   it’s sacrifice  and dedication that’s the only way that I know how to answer that there are no giveaways in golf you got to earn it.”

The odds are really long for winning the masters on your first time, That honor belongs to Fuzzy Zoeller, who won the first tournament he played here, back in 1979.

Patrons lined up well before 7am to get in the gates bright and early.

News Channel 6 caught up with the first patron in line, David Grace, from Misoula, Montana. This is his first Masters, but he came with some friends, who have been here before and says it’s like a dream come true to come to Augusta National.

“So you were the first person in line this morning. How was that? Well I was. First I wondered if I was in the right place. There was no body there. We got in. We got through security and did all the shopping I’ve been tasked with doing.”

Grace says he’s definitely entering the lottery again and hoping to be back next year.

The Masters is saying good bye to one of its greats this year.

Two-time champion Tom Watson says the  2016 tournament will be his last. Watson will hang it up 39 years after winning his first green jacket.

He says he  has a lot of great memories.

“To be able to play in the Masters when I was a kid watching Arnold Palmer play here beating my friend Jack Nicklaus in those early Masters there being able to come here and actually compete and win the tournament go to the champions dinner be around the likes of Gene Sarazen and Byron Nelson Sam all the old guys now I’m one of the old guys.”

Watson says his hope in his last Masters  is to make the cut so he can play the weekend.

Monday is by far the busiest day of the week at the Masters golf shop, and this year is no exception. Lines wrapped around the building and some people had to wait for 30 minutes just to get in. Fan favorites always include the little trinkets, polo shirts and baseball caps– anything with the famous Masters logo.

There are some new additions this year– including a masters gnome and new wine glasses.

Greg Andrews got more than he planned!

“I went in to get some masters memorabilia and ended up doing some Christmas shopping and a couple of extra things for myself as well!”

Pat McCue picked the garden gnome because it looked like a friend!

“I’ve got a garden gnome for a good friend Donnie Harris that happens to resemble him almost to the T although I don’t know if I could get him to wear the sweater but he looks just like this guy!”

One of the other hot items this year is the new Masters tea towel, sure to be a big seller!

Reporting live from Augusta National Golf Club, I’m Jennie Montgomery. Brad, Kim, back to you.

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