LPGA Champ Nancy Lopez Honored at Mayor’s Masters Reception

LPGA Champ Nancy Lopez received the Mayor's Masters Reception honor Day 1 of Masters.

Augusta, GA – From good sounds for people to jam to at Augusta Common to tasty treats and delicious food to eat.  One might say this year’s Mayor’s Masters Reception was fit for a queen.

“We’ve got music for everyone. Folks can certainly ‘cut a rug’ as they say and dance and have a good time,” Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis told media before the event started.

The annual affair started with A-Town A-List, a band whose members have played around the Southeast with well-known artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder.  Several local food vendors fed hungry patrons some of their specialties such as your choice of vanilla, chocolate or banana flavored cake at A Piece of Cake Bakery and nachos from Barberitos.  The other talent to take the stage was the CSRA’s own Pat Cooper, a Nashville recording artist.

Another element this year’s reception featured was accolades for its first woman and first Hispanic. LPGA Champion Nancy Lopez received the 2016 Mayor’s Masters Reception honors complete with a key to the city.

“Even though I played and I won 48 tournaments in my career, to be able to still contribute and bring people to golf is so important,” said Lopez who also won three Women’s PGA Championships and an induction in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Lopez says she enjoys teaching both women and men how to play the sport she learned as a little girl from her dad.  Being in Augusta makes it even better.

“To be able to walk the grounds at Augusta it is unbelievable.  If you can do it on Monday, the grass hasn’t been trampled down and it’s like heaven out there it’s just beautiful,” she explained.

Mayor Davis said Lopez’s work both while playing golf and even while not playing the game made her the best person to spotlight.

“Someone who’s been a champion to the game of golf not only when they were playing at her peak, but more importantly the contributions that she’s making to the game of golf now.  Not just teaching, but the equipment, Nancy Lopez Golf,” he said.

To check out Nancy Lopez Golf, click here.

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