Thousands of Masters Patrons Brave the Busiest Day at the Golf Shop

Monday is the official start of Masters week and the busiest day at the golf shop.

With lines wrapping around the building, most people waited for at least 30 minutes just to get inside.

News channel 6’s Margaret-Ann Carter found out why patrons say the wait it worth it.

“I went in to get some masters memorabilia and ended up doing some Christmas shopping and a couple of extra things for myself as well!,” patron, Gregg Andrews said.

You can find something for just about anyone at the Masters golf shop, so why not take advantage.

For first timer Greg Andrews this is a cross off his bucket list.

“I got a couple of windbreakers, I got a short sleeve windbreaker, a long sleeve windbreaker, 2 or 3 towels,” Andrews continued on.

Shopping on a budget isn’t easy to do in this whirlwind of a place!

From wine glasses to classic Polos, spending money at the Masters is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people.

“The only place that you can buy this stuff is here,” Andrews said.

“I’ve got a garden gnome for a good friend Donnie Harris that happens to resemble him almost to the T. Although I don’t know if I could get him to wear the sweater, but he looks just like this guy,” Patrick McCue said.

The garden gnome is the golf shop’s new addition to it’s quirky collection!

Each year it’s the beach bags that sell out the fastest.

If you’re lucky enough to get to past those pearly white gates you might as well take something with you to remember the experience.

If you’re heading out later this week, don’t worry, because the shop will be restocked with your favorites.

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