Past Masters Champions Share Their Impressions Of Augusta

Photo of caddies and golfers at Augusta National Golf Club.
Photo of caddies and golfers at Augusta National Golf Club.

Augusta, GA (WJBF) –  It was the Daly’s first time at Augusta National Golf Club. They couldn’t wait to check it out. “This is on our bucket list. We had to get here and see the course and the players,” said Marcy Daly,from pretty Picton, Ontario

Certainly, the beauty and majesty of Augusta National will capture someone’s attention. The Masters is the reason everybody is here, but what is the impression longtime players have of the town that lies outside its gates.

“This is my 45th year. I still get lost in Augusta, but I just love it, I love the terrain,” said two-time Masters champion Ben Crenshaw.

“It’s the most beautiful place you could wish to visit. If you go to the suburbs, the flowers are there, the tress are there,” said 3-time Masters champion Gary Player.

“It’s a warm city, there’s a lot to do here. There’s a lot of restaurants, obviously Washington Boulevard is kind of known as a maybe Las Vegas strip,” said 1998 Masters champion Mark O’Meara.

“It’s gorgeous this time of year. I’m always enthralled about its beauty and the nice people,” said Crenshaw.

“The people here are so friendly, so courteous, and so nice…friendly. It’s just been a privilege coming back here for 59 years,” added Player.

“You’ve been coming to Augusta 45 years? It is probably more than that, now, outside of the National, when people ask, ‘Tom, what’s the city of Augusta like, what do you tell them?” we asked. “I feel good! James Brown,” sang Watson, before waling off with a smile.

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