Buddy Check 6 – New Risk Assessment Program

Catching and treating breast cancer can mean the difference between life and death. University Hospital has a new program that caters its treatment to high risk patients. Kimberely Scott has this months Buddy Check 6 report.

When it comes to breast health, University Hospital offers it’s patents more than one treatment option. Dr. Josh Rafoth, is the Medical Director of Breast Health Imaging, “a lot of people equate breast imaging with mammography, but we cover mammography and a lot more. We do breast ultra sound, breast MRI and we offer 3-d mammography also.”

Breast Imagining includes taking pictures of the breast and slicing those pictures into thin images, allowing the doctor to clearly see how the tissue is developing…..but that’s only part of the process.

Dr. Rafoth, “breast imaging encompasses mammography and several other modalities, but a lot of people think breast imaging is only mammography.”

Dr. Rafoth sees and treats hundreds of patients who are concerned about their health or treatments, many who have a strong family history of breast cancer.
university hospital has a new risk assessment program with a mission to reach those in need.

Rafoth, “so we’re trying to find the women who are high risk and identify those women and then we can offer them some additional tools to find their breast cancer early and help kind of manage them as high risk patients.”

The program is also set up to help in the future

Dr., “so we’re trying to identify women who qualify for genetic testing and the other thing we’re trying to do is find women who qualify for advanced screening of the breast.”

Dr.Rafoth’s message is, if you feel something isn’t right in your body, don’t ignore it…..and with information gathered through University Hospitals new risk assessment program, they’ll help you find the tools you need in order to fight the disease.

Contact University Hospital’s Breast Health Center to sign up for the risk assessment program. Participants must be 30 to 69 years old.

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