Golden Apple: Jane Monroe

North Augusta High School teacher Jane Monroe

(North Augusta, S.C.)

Jane Monroe used to work as a finance manager for a global corporation. Then she realized family must come first.

“I had 3 boys and they needed me for a while,” she says. “And if you’re a player, you can step out of the workforce and step back in. Anybody could do my job, right? But nobody could be their mother.”
Now she’s back in the workforce, leading the push for kids to love Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

“It’s a fantastic career for kids. It’s kind of getting lost in our school system because it’s hard. It’s math, it’s science, and when things get hard in those areas, kids quit.”
She started North Augusta High’s robotics club which is now the Student Engineering team. She’s ready to expand the program.

“We’re going to build these student engineering teams from elementary, middle, and high school, so the kids know, they’ve got to do well in Math and Science. If they want to do that cool stuff that they’re doing with my student engineering team, they’re going to engage.”

Mrs. Monroe’s team recently won a state title at the robotics competition. But that may be just the beginning.

“I want to be good in our state. But I want to be good in the world. Our kids need to be good in the world.”
And from the governor’s office to the Pentagon, Jane Monroe is leading the way to convince leaders, and students that love of STEM, can lead to a great life.

“I want those people to get those engineering degrees and come back to our state in our businesses so that South Carolina continues to grow,” Monroe says. “I want us to be frontrunner, in this state.”

Keep your eye on these students and their fearless leader, Jane Monroe. They are going places.

**You can check out Mrs. Monroe’s students’ cool robotics at an Expo.  It’s Saturday, April 16th at the North Augusta Rec. Center.  It will feature 15 local engineers and 55 students.



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