Man Wanted In Priest’s Disappearance Extradited From Aiken County Back To Florida

Steven Murray

Aiken, SC (WJBF) – Steven James Murray is currently on his way back to St. Johns County, Florida.

Murray was spotted Wednesday in Aiken County driving a missing Priest’s car who investigators believe he has connections to.

It was a manhunt that lasted for more than 6 hours. Murray was arrested early Thursday morning in Aiken County.

“We saw where all the cops were around and we saw it on the internet and TV, talking on the TV that they were on a manhunt looking for a guy and they were also searching for a missing priest he was involved with, said Sandra Ford.

Little did she know the man hunt would reach a little too close to home. “We heard a knock on the door and it was a little after 12 and we weren’t expecting anyone else,” said Ford.

That’s when Ford says she felt something wasn’t right. “So, I looked out the window and when I looked out the window he was standing on the front porch trying to get in. He even said, ‘Let me in.’ He was wanting us to let me in,” said Ford.

“He”, Ford says, was Murray…running from deputies and looking for a place to hide. Ford said it wasn’t about to be her home where he sought refuge from the red and blue lights.

“I told my husband…and said not to let him in and that’s when I called the police and my husband and friend ran outside to see if they could help but he was already gone. It took the cops no time to get down here and ten minutes later they had them,” said Ford.

Although Ford was shaken up, she says she was thankful it was her and her husband who were home Wednesday night as Murray tried to get in,” said Ford.

“Just imagine that. Your grandmother here, your children here, a knock on the door,” I told Ford. “Yeah, they probably would have opened the door not thinking about it so I’m just glad that we were here,” she Ford.

And, Ford adds she’s even more happy that Murray is now behind bars.

Murray is already facing Aggravated Fleeing and Attempting to Allude Officers.

Investigators say they do suspect foul play in Father Rene Robert’s disappearance and plan on questioning Murray even further once deputies arrive with him.

We’ll keep you updated with any new developments.


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