MCG hosts annual raft debate, poking fun at hard student decisions

MCG Professors Argue Which Career Path is Best

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Local medical students are facing a difficult decision, which path in medicine to choose. Friday, their professors poked fun at the crossroads.

An internist, surgeon, and pediatrician are on a sinking ship. Medical College of Georgia Students must decide who lives. Dr. Nancy Hockley, an Associate Professor of Surgery at MCG explains, “There is a debate between these people who will be able to take the one spot on the single raft.”

The debate put on by the MCG Alumni Association helps shed light on the personality of each profession but it ends up being a fun time. Caylor Johnson, a 2nd year Medical Student says, “It’s just entertaining we have really good personalities here. Our doctors are all great and so they just have a lot of information to share and it’s good fun for everybody.” Dr. Hockley agrees, “We’re trying to help the students understand a bit of what we do and help them decide what might interest them most in their future, but the real spirit of the evening is fun.”

Doctors represented their professions using fun costumes and argued why their line of work is most important. Dr. Paul M. Dainer, an Associate Professor of Medicine and the founder of the tradition says, “This is just a fun shot at different ways that we look what we do for people and how we impact their lives.” Students look forward to the 13-year old tradition every year and some say it helps bring the school together. Sarah Cox, a 1st year student says,”Everybody made it seem like it was a huge deal and it sounded like it would be fun to do.”

It allows faculty to connect with people and connect with each other. We wind up talking to each other, greeting each other on campus with handshakes and hugs where we hardly knew these people before,” says Dr. Dainer.

In case you were wondering, the internist won the debate this year dressed as Super Girl.

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