“Out There…Somewhere”: Little Town Comes UP Big For Mitchell Springfest

Mitchell Springfest sign
Mitchell Springfest sign

Mitchell, GA (WJBF) – This is big for the tiny town of Mitchell…it’s Springfest.

“It is a big deal. We don’t have anything else this big. It goes on all weekend,” said Etta Wilcher, of Mitchell.

So, with the Springfest here, they were getting things ready in Mitchell. The big event? Probably the parade, even if Mitchell is not.

“It’s very little, there’s probably 185 to 225 here in Mitchell, but Mitchell goes way beyond the city limits. We have a whole community outside of Mitchell that comes here,” said Ant Griswell, the former Mayor, who has held many  other leadership positions in Mitchell.

So, to get the parade participants and to get people to line the parade route, Mitchell gets the folks from the other nearby community to take part.

“You’re saying, because Mitchell is so small and the festival is so big, you have to recruit?” we asked Etta. “We have to have more people than Mitchell can provide,” she answered..

Now, holding Springfest in a town as tiny at Mitchell is a huge undertaking. It can be taxing on the town’s tiny resources, but this is not Mitchell’s first rodeo. In fact, this is the 20th Springfest and, around here, they are pretty fired up about that.

Parking is normally not an issue in Mitchell, but there’s a lot of space available. It might be overkill, but for the 20th annual Springfest, they’re expecting a crowd. “I would say…the 4,000 to 5,000 here doing this here festival, it will be wall to wall,” said Ant.

Whether you come on foot, or tractor, or car…it’s the Mitchell Springfest and that’s big “Out There…Somewhere” in Glascock County.

If you have an idea for one of George Eskola’s “Out There…Somewhere” segments, just send him an email and described your idea.

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