Another Setback for Project Jackson

Project Jackson

No Shock here, but there is another delay for Project Jackson.

North Augusta City Council held a public hearing Monday night to discuss the ballpark village municipal improvement district, but once again nothing was decided.

City leaders say they will continue to table discussions on Project Jackson until the Master Development Agreement is signed, but there’s no timeline on when that will be done.

The Master Development Agreement is critical to the project it spells out what the developers commit to doing and what the city commits to doing.

“This is a vehicle to guarantee tax payment for Project Jackson if and when it gets going,” Mayor Lark Jones spoke about the need for Monday’s public hearing.

Mayor Lark Jones describes the hearing as a formality for a project that continues to encounter major setbacks.

We asked Jones, if he has any doubt the project will get done, he responded by saying, “Well there’s always doubt until the ribbon is cut, so to speak, but I’ve said all along this process is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together without the box, and you don’t have the picture to look at, because we’ve never done that before and there are a tremendous number of pieces and they’ve got a lot of different edges to them.”

The Mayor admits having a new stadium ready for the GreenJackets to play in by next year will be tough. He says watching the project continue to be pushed back is just as hard.

“It’s a little discouraging when Columbia started after we did and they’re playing in their stadium right now and they had I think they said 9,000 people for their opening game,” Jones said.

Progress does seem to be moving along, the large piece of land along the Savannah River was cleared by its owner and sold to Greenstone Developers for Project Jackson.

While clearing out the trees, an old brick building was uncovered.

“There are several old kilns and brick buildings that really helped it qualify for blighted. I mean most people didn’t even know they were there but all of those eventually will come down to my knowledge they don’t have any architectural significance,” he explained.

Jones says this shouldn’t be a problem moving forward.

He says he would like to think something will happen in the next month, but you never know.

There is no set date for the next public city council meeting to discuss Project Jackson, but we will continue to keep you updated on that as soon as it is announced.

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