Golden Apple: Korey Washington

Golden Apple winner Korey Washington

(Wagener, S.C.)

This student is getting set for the real world–a mock interview in Korey Washington’s class.

“We’re trying to get our kids prepared for the world of work,” Washington says. “So, we do everything we can to expose them to our community, and interview skills is a great part of that.”

But this isn’t just for a good grade in Mr. Washington’s class. He started a real car wash where kids can get real jobs.–washing cars for teachers.

“We’re glad to be able to provide a service for our teachers, and it’s a lot of hands-on experience for our kids.”

Mr. Washington gets to work with his students all 4 years here at Wagener Salley. That’s a lot of time to see a lot of progress.

“I’ve seen my kids perform well on testing,” he says. “I’ve seen my kids perform well in behavior. Creating an environment for them to come and feel successful has made a real difference. So they really improve in all areas.”

And after a decade in teaching, Korey Washington has seen plenty of success stories from students who leave the classroom and start earning a paycheck.

“That’s the light bulb moment that makes me be able to do it year after year.  To see students actually get out in the community, find real employment.  And they come back and say, ‘hey, what we did in the classroom, I was able to apply in the community.’ That’s what makes it all worth it.”

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