Golden Apple: Blake Stitcher

Our Golden Apple winner is a new daddy.

(Harlem, GA)
The Harlem Middle School lunchroom is full of people, and potential.  It’s Blake Stitcher’s goal to make sure everyone in here achieves all the successes that life can offer.

“When  I was in college I  had every pursuit other than teaching,” Stitcher says. And halfway through my college experience, I felt called by the Lord to step into a teaching role, and fill a gap in a lot of young men’s lives, that they may not have a father-influence at home.”
Mr. Stitcher teaches Science.  He also coaches football and baseball.  The kids can’t escape his influence.

“It’s all about holding them accountable.  Not in the sense of a punitive measure, but holding them accountable in the sense of, you love them, you support them, you want them to grow. And getting them to see that. And once they get that vision of that’s where I want my life and my future to be, then they’ll pursue that on their own.”
And Coach Stitcher is a brand new father. His baby boy Silas is barely 3 months old and he is already influencing his dad’s approach to his job.
“I try to teach with the mindset of, pretend each kid’s yours. And when I see them as my own, it holds me accountable that I’m responsible for their future.”
Stitcher is also  a youth pastor and author of 2 books so far. So what does life hold for him in the long run?  He says right now, he’s right where he is supposed to be.
“I know that when I became a teacher, the calling was strong, and God has lead me back to my calling,” he says. “This is where he has me. As long as He’ll use me, I’ll stay focused on focus on that, on being a teacher and a coach.”


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