Investigators Seek Woman Who Walked Dog With Her Car

Cell phone video image of a woman walking her dog with her car in Stockton, CA

STOCKTON, CA (CNN) — A woman will likely face charges after her attempt to walk her dog could have gotten the animal killed, and it was all caught on camera.

A concerned citizen captured video of the woman driving around in her car with a dog on a leash frantically trying to keep up. The video went viral and outraged animal lovers.

Now authorities are looking for the woman for possible animal cruelty charges.

“If you have a dog and you don’t feel like getting out to walk it, then you shouldn’t have a dog,”  Amanda Brajkovich, who followed the woman in her car and recorded the video, told KOVR-TV. The video immediately got the attention of the Stockton Animal Services Department.

“(It) presents to me a bigger problem in our society,” said Phillip Zimmerman, Director of the Animal Services Department. “We have a lack of humane education not only for adults, obviously in this case, but children as well.”

Zimmerman points out that a child was in the car to which the dog was attached, watching and learning.

“If we don’t teach children that this isn’t okay, this is what happens,” he said.

An investigation to identify the woman is underway.

“It was just dangerous all the way around,”

“it was just dangerous all the way around,” said Brajkovich.

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