Men’s Health Advocate Works with ACS to Ensure Screening Mammography

Men's cancer walk coming up June 4th in Columbia County

Television Park– Breast cancer survivor Cecil Herrin has worked tirelessly for the last four years raising awareness about men’s breast cancer. He is a WJBF Giving Your Best and Jefferson Award winner. Watch Cecil’s story here.

Now he’s made major strides with the American Cancer Society that could impact men’s health across the country.

He stopped by Television Park to tell us the good news.

“Now, when doctors see that a man has a lump and he doesn’t have insurance, the doctor can assure him he can go ahead and get that checked because the American Cancer Society is going to be paying for it.”

Stepping up to fill the gap… when some cancer patients can’t pay.

“So if men will go ahead and get it checked, instead of just sitting there and letting that cancer grow– and then it’s usually a stage 4 when they find out they have cancer.”


You can join Cecil at his first “Cecil Herrin’s Men’s Breast and Prostate Cancer Walk” Saturday, June 4th, at the Columbia County Amphitheater. The festivities begin at 8:00am, the walk gets underway at 9:00.

For more information, or to find out about sponsorship opportunities, call 706.755.3957



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