River Watch Brewery’s Beers Popping up Around Town

A bartender pouring RiverWatch Brewery's blonde ale.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Beer drinkers are finally able to have Augusta’s first craft brews.

River Watch Brewery’s beers are starting to pop up at bars and restaurants across the CSRA.

It’s the first time since prohibition that the Garden City has its own beer.

“It’s extremely cool. The first time I walked into Tip Top Taps and looked up and saw our name up on the board that was pretty neat,” River Watch owner Brey Sloan said.

River Watch Brewery currently has 4 brews on-release.

A blonde ale, a pale ale, an IPA and a wheat beer.

You can find them at places in downtown Augusta, like The Hive Growler Bar.

“The first day that we put her beers on tap we put three of them on. Her pale, her blonde and her wheat. The pale tapped that night and the next two tapped that next day. So they didn’t even last 48 hours,” The HIVE bartender Samantha Rockwood said.

Rockwood says customers are coming in specifically requesting River Watch’s brews.

“Excited to have them now. I really like them. The Pale Ale definitely has been my favorite as it has been just about everyone else’s favorite as well,” Rockwood said.

Sloan says the 104 Pale Ale is selling better than expected.

Although there are only 4 brews on rotation now, she has plans for more types in the future.

“In the fall, we’ll switch over. I’ll have an Oktoberfest style beer. We might do a pumpkin beer. They’re not my favorite, but a lot of people really like them,” Sloan said.

Right now, the brewery only offers kegs, but Sloan hopes to sell cans at some point.

The business is a dream come true that almost didn’t happen when her late-husband passed away.

“Took a little bit of time and then I met with the two kids. They’re also part-owners in the business. We discussed whether we should even continue or not,” Sloan said.

The brewery’s slogan makes Sloan’s decision clear:

It’s about damn time.

River Watch Brewery will be offering tours at the end of May.

The owner says eventually, the tour will have different brews than restaurants and bars.

To sign up for a tour, check out River Watch Brewery.

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