Voters Hear From the Candidates in Columbia County

Voters are getting to meet several candidates in Columbia County before they cast their ballot on May 24th.

A lengthy list of candidates from 4 different races took the stage and made opening speeches and answered questions from the audience.

The forum included candidates for District 1, Board of Education; David Alaof and Eric Lewkowiez.

District 2 County Commission candidates; Trey Allen and Lee Benedict.

Candidates for State Senate, District 24 also took to the stage, those include; Pat Goodwin, Joe Edge, Greg Grzybowski, Brenda Jordan, Lee Anderson and Pete Gibbons.

House, District 123 candidates; Dr. Mark Newton, Wright McLeod and Lori Greenhill spoke to voters as well.

Questions ranged from Medical and recreational marijuana, to Casino Gambling, to how to handle growth in Columbia County.

“I’m looking for somebody that’s kind of got a business sense there’s a lot of opportunities right now to capitalize on economic growth, Fort Gordon I think specifically,” Richmond County resident, Matthew Aitken said.

Matthew Aitken says he wants somebody who is willing to work with others and reach across borders for the betterment of the citizen.

“We want to make sure money is being dispersed properly in the ways that of growth, I think we need to have people that can really know how to work with people coming to the city. I don’t see that where I live in the Augusta area in the ways that it could be,” Aitken said.

Dennis Russell Jr. says he’s looking for someone who can bring change to the state house.

“We need people who have new ideas, that do not, are not good ole boys in the house and the state senate,” Russell said.

He said he wants a leader who is going to listen to the people.

“We need people to go in there to fight to represent us and what we say if 80 percent of us say, ‘hey this is what we want,’ then they have no choice ‘hey my people say this is what they want, this is what I got to do,” Russell explained.

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