City Takes Step To Develop Downtown Property

(AUGUSTA,GA) It’s prime city property looking for a project and city leaders are pleased to say it’s back in play.

“I think without question it’s a very attractive piece of property here in the city when you look at the fact it’s been discussed for many years now we got an opportunity to go beyond just the discussion phase to actually doing something,” says Mayor Hardie Davis.

Commissioners entering into an agreement with the Downtown development Authority to begin the work to put a project in place, on the city owned property at Sixth Street and Reynolds.

DDA officials would not say what the project is or if there’s a developer ready to move but city leaders want to see something to bring people to the site.

“Hopefully it will be condo’s town houses etc. I do not know for sure but it’s exciting,” says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

The site includes the 160 year old freight depot, past developments plans on the site called for the depot to be part of the project.

“I want the depot to stay I think we can build on that we’re not Savannah but we’ve got a similar situation downtown there we could do,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

Commissioners did ask about the Depot and were told it would remain as the site gets developed.

“It’s an historic building I think it add tremendous value from an historical perspective to our city, said Mayor Davis.

The city spent almost two million dollar cleaning the site of contamination so that should not be an issue for any future projects.

This is just the first step for the property any future development plans will have to come back to the commission for final approval.

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