Schools in danger of state takeover show improvement, 19 remain at risk

RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga. – Some local schools in danger of a state takeover are showing improvements based on the state’s version of a school’s progress report — known as the College and Career Ready Performance Index.

The Georgia Department of Education released its CCRPI results for 2015. There were 28 Richmond County schools to show improvements in total, including all its high schools.

“There are three main things that factor into the score. There’s achievement, progress, and achievement gap closing,” said Dr. Shelly Allen, Richmond County School System Director of Curriculum.

Schools scoring below 60 points for 3 consecutive years risk being taken over by the state, if voters approve a measure on November’s ballot. For the latest round of CCRPI results- the 2015 Georgia Milestones assessment results are also a factor.

Marquette Davis’ can’t understand how her daughter attends the newest Richmond County School on the Governor’s failing list.

“I’m surprised,” she said. “I went to this school and it’s a very good school.”

Terrace Manor is one of 19 in Richmond County eligible for the state run Opportunity School District. There were 20 on the list last year and 11 saw improved CCRPI scores, though 8 saw decreases. Barton Chapel and Copeland Elementary improved well enough to be taken off the list.

“We’d love for all of them to have the highest scores so that’s what we’re working towards,” Said Dr. Allen.

That work includes trying to improve student achievement by focusing on graduation and looking outside the classroom.

“We have worked with our local community judges to provide additional resources and support for parents to understand the laws associated with attendance. But also our parent outreach, helping parents feel good about coming to school with their child,” said Dr. Allen.

Davis agrees the weight of students’ success can’t rest entirely on their schools.

“The teachers here [Terrace Manor] are awesome,” said Davis. Her daughter won the school’s spelling bee and will attend C.T. Walker Traditional Magnet School. “But, the parents have to get more involved.”


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