State Sen. Jesse Stone, Students Respond To No Guns On Campus

Georgia State Sen. Jesse Stone said he's disappointed the Campus Carry Bill he sponsored was vetoed.

Augusta, GA – Less than 24 hours after Georgia Governor Nathan Deal vetoed the widely talked about Campus Carry Bill, we have a reaction from students it would have impacted and the state senator who sponsored the House Bill in his chamber.

Students shared mixed reactions about Governor Deal’s veto.  While Sen. Jesse Stone, of District 23, thinks we will see this again.

Augusta University Freshman Harley Williams eagerly shared her opinion.

“I agree with the veto, but at the same time I do not,” she said.

Corey Wilder, a sophomore at the same school felt differently.

“I feel like bringing guns into the school would have been a bad idea from the start,” he explained.

These students weighed in on the governor’s decision to veto the Campus Carry Bill. The 11th hour decision means licensed gun owners will not have a right to carry their concealed weapon onto the campuses of Georgia’s public colleges and universities.

“Of anybody, the only people who should have guns is the public safety,” Wilder added.

“There should be some people who could be allowed to carry, such as an actual police office on campus or a teacher if they have a conceal and carry,” Williams said.

The University System of Georgia released a statement on the veto of House Bill 859 pointing to “the vast majority of faculty, staff, parents and students concerned about guns on campus.”

Here is the complete response from USG.
Here is the complete response from USG.


Sen. Stone sponsored the bill in his chamber and he tells us what he thinks of what the governor did.

He said, “The governor had sent mixed signals during the session. He articulated some reasons after the bill had passed a day or two before the end of the session.”

Sen. Stone expects lawmakers will keep working on the bill and come to a consensus.

“He articulated three concerns and I don’t know that they require anything to be removed, but they need to be studied,” said Sen. Stone.

Sen. Stone also said other bills that protect the 2nd Amendment were passed this session.

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