SPECIAL REPORT: Tips for the Top Mother’s Day Gifts

Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Have you checked the calendar?

This month is packed with college and high school graduations, Memorial Day vacations, and hey– don’t forget dear old mom!  Her special day is right around the corner.

In a bind about what to buy? We called in  the retail experts and we’re digging deeper to find out what Mom really wants!

Laura Tollison, the retail sales manager at Cudos2U, says the week before Mother’s Day is one of their busiest times.

“Some of the guys kinda wait till the last minute but that’s ok- we’ve got ’em covered!”

Dawn Izzo has an 11-year-old son.

“He picks out things he knows I’ll like, like he’ll get me a gift certificate to get my nails done or he’ll buy me nail polish, he’s even bought me jewelry.”

Buying for mom isn’t always easy, especially when so many sparkling, shiny, colorful gifts are screaming, “Pick me! Pick me!”

Mall marketing manager, Danielle Consiglio, has this advice:

“Think of what kind of mom your mom is. Is she a fit mom, does she like to cook, is she a working mom?”

There are animal-themed gifts, crazy-popular relaxing coloring books, picture frames– and here’s a hint: think stacks.

“Two of the most treasured are the Pandora and under here is the Alex and Ani, which is so very popular right now.”

Affordable too, starting at just $28. There’s even a special mother’s day stack. “In gold or in silver color and is says Mom.” Pandora’s got mom bangles, and the trendy Essence beads.

“Faith, this one means passion, cause I’m very passionate about what I do, just like you, Jennie. Each one has a meaning but it’s about yourself.”

Laura Tollison is the retail sales manager at Cudos2U in Augusta.
Laura Tollison is the retail sales manager at Cudos2U in Augusta.

And there’s always a bag…. lots and lots of bags!

“That’s called Carson Cottage, and see how the trend of gold is making a strong come back, for jewelry as well as accessories?”

“Tote bags are great for busy moms on the go and summer is right around the corner, so great for the beach, picnics, every mom loves a tote bag.”

How about the Absolute Best Cookies Ever, for the best mom ever!?

“Treat her to something she’s not gonna buy for herself. She will buy for everybody else, she takes care of everybody else, take care of her on her special day.”

Gifts for fitness and for first-time moms- you’ve got it made in the shade!!

“Hollywood! There you go, and they’re polarized. Those are cool!”

Speaking of cool…

“Mom and Dad would love a Yeti cooler. This is the must-have gift of the season so get Mom her own Yeti tumbler and we can put her initials on it.”

Letters that really mean just one thing: love you, Mom.

WJBF's Jennie Montgomery and her look-alike mother!
WJBF’s Jennie Montgomery and her look-alike mother!

And if you’re still stuck, retailers everywhere suggest a gift card…  which always comes in the right size and color!

And finally, a shout out to my mom, who lives in Spartanburg, SC:  I love you, appreciate you, and feel so blessed to have you as the best role model in my life… Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!

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