25 Years Of Dedication To Recovery

The Means Report: 25 Years Of Dedication To Recovery graphic
The Means Report: 25 Years Of Dedication To Recovery graphic
The Means Report: 25 Years Of Dedication To Recovery graphic
The Means Report: 25 Years Of Dedication To Recovery graphic

It all started with two businessmen with a dream to build a recovery residents for men dealing with alcoholism an drug addiction. The dream became a reality for Sam Sibley and Hampton Walker in 1990 with the formation of the Hale House Foundation.

The sole purpose of Hale house is to give men struggling with drugs and alcohol the chance to have a better life and a chance to heal. What started as a solitary house, though, now includes five house and four dozen residents all working through the 12-step program with the support of fellow residents. At the end of the two-phase program, the men are able to return to society sober and ready to assume the responsibilities of a job and family relationships.

Most facilities that offer this type of program cost thousands of dollars, but the Board of Directors at Hale House strives to keep the cost low. Still, to house and feed forty-eight residents comes at a price. That is why they need the public’s assistance.

One way to help the Hale House Foundation is by attending their 25th Anniversary Celebration — a benefit dinner featuring Dexter Manley, a man widely considered to be one of the most talented men to wear the Washington Redskins jersey. Nicknamed the “Secretary of Defense”, Manly holds the Redskins’ single season sack record and career sack leader, was named a Pro-Bowler, an All-Pro, and the All-Pro Defensive Lineman of the year, and was enshrined into the Redskins Ring of Honor, named one of the Seventy Greatest Redskins.

Despite setting records during his career, Manley has the ability to speak from a place of understanding. During his eleven year career he struggled with alcohol and drug addiction and found himself homeless when his NFL career ended in 1991. Now he is ten years clean and sober, spending his time with his non-profit organization.

You can be part of the inspirational evening while supporting the endeavors of the Hale House Foundation by attending “An Evening With Dexter Manley” on Thursday, May 12 at 7pm. For tickets or to get more information, you can contact The Hale Foundation at 706-822-3060.

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