Controversial video shows infant struggling to float in pool

(courtesy WFLA)
(courtesy WFLA)

(WFLA) — A controversial video going viral shows a 6-month-old baby falling into a pool, working to keep her head above water for about 90 seconds, while adults look on.

The baby is lured into the pool with a shoe, falling face-first into the water and receiving no help to stay afloat by the adults nearby. It’s all done on purpose, as a method of teaching children to swim as babies, known as Infant Swimming Resource (ISR).

According to NBC Miami, the baby in the video is the daughter of Keri Morrison, of Palm Beach County. Morrison, who lost her son due to a drowning accident in Orlando three years ago, swears by ISR.

“You’re seeing a 6-month-old sitting on the steps playing, which can be a real life situation, she falls in and she turns over and saves herself and floats for over a minute and a half,” Morrison told TODAY regarding the video. “I don’t see how there could be anything negative about that.”

The ISR method starts with babies as young as 6 months. Infants are taught to roll onto their backs to float, rest and breath, and maintain that position until help arrives.

“The first thing we establish in our lessons is breath control so before that child ever goes underwater, I know that that child can safely hold their breath,” ISR instructor Stacy Van Santen told TODAY.

Video showing the incident with Morrison’s baby has been viewed more than 624,000 times on a Facebook page for “Dov” and is drawing mixed reactions. Some commenters praise the parents.

“Child was not in any danger. There were obviously adults around and the baby was doing well. Great parenting. Showing others how this teaching can save lives,” one comment reads.

Though, some are angry that parents would allow their baby to be in the water alone.

“A baby has zero reason to learn anything about the water at that age. They can barely control their limbs. Its the parents duty at that age to watch them like a hawk,” another comment reads.

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